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spanopiano's Journal

28 February
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50's, 80's, admiral twin, adrian grenier, afi, alison krauss, alkaline trio, all american rejects, american beauty, american history x, andrew wk, anti flag, aquafina, atc, atreyu, bali hui, bam margera, beach boys, beer, bettie page, bouncing souls, boyfriends, breakfast club, brendan leonard, cactus, cats, chad ginsburg, checkers, cheetos, cherries, chicken, cky, cloves, cotton candy, curly brown hair, dancin, elastica, flogging molly, flowers, freaks and geeks, friends, fruit salad, full house, garden state, ghost shark, glitter, gordo, greasers, greg, grilled cheese, guided by voices, hanson, hayden, him, hummus, ict, jackass, james dean, james franco, jets to brazil, johnny knoxville, kansas, ladytron, laid back, lawrence, le tigre, leopard print, lookin, making bracelets, making out, mexican pizzas, michael pitt, michelle branch, milk, milo, mirrors, modest mouse, moon, murder city devils, my friends, my grandma!, napoleon dynamite, new end original, new order, operation ivy, pabst blue ribbon, partying, pbr, perk, pete yorn, photo booth pictures, piercings, pink lemonade, pink nail polish, placebo, pulp, purple, queen, quiznos, quizzes, rainbows, rancid, real world, real world paris, rebel without a cause, riverdales, riverfest, robert marcato, rock candy, rocket from the crypt, roller coasters, ron howard, ryan dunn, saved by the bell, saves the day, schlitz, shots, shows, simon, sky, sleeping, stars, storms, system of a down, tattoos, tequila, the blood group, the bouncing souls, the carousel, the faint, the osbournes, the outsiders, the postal service, the transplants, tim armstrong's voice, tom petty, tuna cassarole, wallet chains, watchin movies, weezer, wes bentley, white stripes, wichita, zack morris